El puente de Sydney (Harbour Bridge) desde abajo(with English Translation)

by , July 16, 2019

Digamos que lo conoce,

pero no tuvo oportunidad de verlo desde abajo, y qué se puede se ver desde allí.

The Sydney Bridge (Harbour Bridge) from below.

Let’s say you know it, but you did not have the opportunity to see it from below, and what you can see it from there.

Voice Over:

It is estimated that about 160 thousand cars cross this bridge annually, not counting rail services.

It was inaugurated in 1932 after six years of construction.
For the first painting coverage, 272,000 litres were used, and it needs constant maintenance to avoid corrosion.
Cost about 10 million pounds, which translated into Australian pains today would be about 1.5 billion dollars.
It took 14,000 workers for its construction and many very well paid, also about 16 of them left their lives in the wake of various accidents.
49 meters wide, 503 meters long bridge itself with a total of 1149 meters between entry and exit.
The distance from the water to the top of the bridge is 134 meters.